Age Restriction:
Studio: Grupo Enmente , Defiant Pictures , Straightwire Films
Running Time: 85 mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

A young woman wakes up next to a man she’s never met. After an exchange they begin to make love when he strangles her. Once dead she wakes up again to the same scenario. Her deaths continues at the hands of this strange man, but each time is slightly different, and a little more of the puzzle to her predicament is revealed. Think of Wake Up and Die as Groundhog Day with murder and no humor.

The movie’s original dialogue is Spanish, but dubbed over in English for US audiences. Character’s voice actors fall short and remind me of VAs (voice actors) from 1980’s anime – this is not a good thing. The actual actors seem to be a little lost in the movie, and aren’t always sure how to react in the given situation. It doesn’t help that the story is mostly incoherent, nonsense and pieced together by flimsy dream sequences.

On a positive note the movie excels at the kill scenes. Each ones contains some ounce of captured realism and will make you cringe – knife in the stomach, anyone? Even the special effects is given attention to. There is no corn syrup used as blood here. This is where the movie shines, but that’s mostly it.

Fast forward to the kill scenes, maybe mute it and add in your own dialogue, but don’t take this movie seriously. Wake Up and Die is a horror movie with an interesting premise, but unfortunately fails in its execution.

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