Age Restriction:
Studio: Hollywood Media Bridge, Front Street Pictures
Running Time: 96mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

Also known as Mr. Nobody

In the netherworld of direct to DVD movies, ‘The Traveler’ creeps along. Seeking to escape its damned confines, it looks to torment innocent film lovers who are fated to cross its doleful path.

thetraveler movie review

On Christmas Eve, a stranger (Val Kilmer) enters a police precinct. He claims that he has murdered six people. Calling himself Mr. Nobody, the stranger exhibits peculiar behavioral patterns. Unable to uncover who this stranger is the cops on duty are left scratching their heads. As Mr. Nobody confesses to a murder, people in the precinct begin to die in the exact manner in which the prisoner explains his confession. One of these victims, Officer Hawkins, claimed that Mr. Nobody resembled a drifter the six Officers picked up and tortured, (with scant evidence) for the kidnap and murder of Detective Black’s daughter one year prior. The team discovers that the drifter passed away while in a coma the exact hour Mr. Nobody walked into the precinct. What follows is a bloodbath that will see few survivors.

val kilmer the traveler movie review

Things just make no sense in this ‘film’. Why is the little girl playing alone? Is she at home? Is she in a park? Mr. Nobody is the evil spirit of the ‘alleged’ child killer but how did he become an evil spirit? Did he make a pact with Satan? Old folklore is used to give a flimsy explanation for the supernatural occurrences but it comes too late and is a wholly inadequate explanation. The twist is ridiculous, comical even. The acting is fairly decent but the script is a mess and not even Kilmer can save this film.

Cast your mind back to ‘The Doors’, ‘Heat’ even ‘Batman Forever’ and could you have predicated that Val would fall so low? Why Val why? Was it, ‘The Saint’ or your tantrums on the set of ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ that led to this? Please Val, whichever Hollywood bigwig you rubbed the wrong way ask for their forgiveness and find yourself back on the A-list somehow.

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