Age Restriction:
Studio: Deed Films
Running Time: 93 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

It’s amazing how in the world of movie making, you can gather together all the aspects that should seem like they would print money when brought together, and then have your movie do absolutely nothing. So, why don’t we explore how this movie managed to achieve such a thing?

tomorrowyouregone review

Well, firstly the name is terrible. Insipid, forgettable, telling us nothing about the movie and being generally clumsy on the tongue. No one would walk into a cinema or video store and ask for this by name, it would only be on a lazy rainy day when nothing else was on that they saw it on TV and might possibly be drawn in by one of the actors. This, however, would also be a cruel trick.

Dorff plays an ex-cop released from prison, who owes a favour to the man who helped on the inside, known only as The Buddha (Dafoe). He is ordered to kill a certain man, but stumbles around for so long being boring that he catches the eye of a saucy and mysterious women (Monaghan) which causes the hit to go wrong, and trouble to ensue. Despite bringing the considerable acting ability of Dafoe to this picture; the characters remain vapid and hateworthy.

Tomorrow-Youre-Gone movie review

The plot in its early stages contained the capacity to be twisty; or at the very least metaphorical in some interesting way. After all, the main villain is named “The Buddha.” However, this is a mere veneer of deepness that is soon forgotten, and in its place mere boredom is created.

Tomorrow You’re Gone is average in the worst way; so average that it is immediately forgotten completely, like a coma on the viewer. The only reason I suppose it got made is that the director has some sort of hold over these famous actors. Or maybe they were on holiday wherever it was being shot and just went with making a movie too. Who knows?

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