Age Restriction:
Studio: Film Harvest, San Francisco Independent Cinema, Snowfort Pictures
Running Time: 82 mins

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

Alright, anyone approaching a film only to see that proudly written on the cover is “directed by the Butcher Brothers” is only really going to have one of two reactions, and that’s maybe what’s intended here. Described by itself as “Twilight meets Tarantino,” this is perhaps where The Thompsons shows some warning signs, but for more reasons than you might imagine.
The Thompsons is a sequel to another equally lesser known film, called the Hamiltons. The Hamiltons was a mildly refreshing mystery thriller about a family that turns out to be horrific vampires. In the sequel, this originality seems to have been completely lost in favour of a semi-parody of other vampire movies that can’t seem to decide whether it wants to be a homage, a criticism or more of the same.

The-Thompsons movire review

The titular family, forced to change their names every time their move, seek aid from another family of vampires, the Stuarts, and naturally trouble ensues. The violence is spectactularly over the top, and if you enjoy such gore you certainly won’t be disappointed with it here. However, within the first five minutes, when a casual snickering remark is made about Twilight that I felt the tone was set, putting this movie more within the low level antics of [Insert Genre} Movie than any real vampire movie.

From then on, The Thompsons seems too caught up in the recent vampire buzz and brings too little too late to an already oversaturated market. A bloated monster that doesn’t deliver, it is a small disappointment to those who enjoyed the first picture, however few those people might be.

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