Age Restriction:
Studio: Nasser Group, North, Revelation Media
Running Time: N/A

Verdict: 1 / 5

Another decade, another Virginian adaptation.

The novel of the same title, written by Owen Wister in 1902 is considered to be the first Western novel of all time, and has spawned multiple adaptations over the years, including a seminal feature in 1929 featuring Gary Cooper and a well-known TV series in the 1960s. In the face of such pedigree, a low budget, not especially inspired straight to DVD feature with the starring role going to former country star Trace Adkins seems a little bit unimpressive.


The film features the titular Virginian (Adkins) as an enforcer for a well-known cattle baron (Perlman), who must eventually come to grips with the fact that justice may be very different to what he is ordered to do. The main narrative is very important in the context of all Western stories in terms of what it covers, but again, it has been done better in other adaptations of this story.

This feature doesn’t offer anything new worth your time, aside from Ron Perlman, who is always fun to see, and I applaud him for making many terrible films more bearable. It’s just so hard to care about a feature that feels so uninspired; there is literally no reason why this movie had to be made. It’s a cure for insomnia, if nothing else. I guess that’s of value.

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