Age Restriction:
Studio: Vertigo Films, BBC Films, British Film Institute (BFI)
Running Time: 85 mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

The last dance movie I watched was Step Up 2. I watched it because the movie I wanted to watch was full or at the wrong time or something. I thought it was pretty cool. Now, I freely admit that I’m not particularly into street dancing, so I accept the fact that other people might have wanted to watch a couple more. I accept that people might be into shows about dancing, contests and such. This does not give Street Dance 2 a reason to exist, and it should be ashamed that it does.


When Ash, a dancer, is humiliated by the rich kids dance team Invincible, he sets out with his wacky friend Eddie to gather the best dancers from around the world to beat those mean guys. All of the team has weird street-lite urban nick names, and many of them are actual dancers from Britain’s Got Talent. From there, no drama occurs that cannot be solved by dancing, including Ash’s budding romance with fiery Latin dancer Eva.

Street Dance 2 doesn’t try at all. It tries so little with the air of someone who knows that you’re going to give it your money anyway, so why try. And indeed, it took 20 million dollars at the box office, so I guess that says something. With a plot that was cliché in the 80’s, characters bordering on racial caricatures, songs basically stolen from the public domain, and a cast of C-list celebrities acting like they’re AAA, Street Dance 2 has nothing to offer mankind. If you watch it, and you are older than 11, and have not been tricked into it; like, you saw the box in passing even, you are a condemned soul, and I have no pity for you.

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