Age Restriction:
Studio: Stone Five Studios
Running Time: 100 minutes

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

You know, it is actually quite nice to come across a genuinely feel-good family movie. So many these days even in the kids or young teen’s market feel it necessary to push for something edgy, that an honest and simple story can be quite refreshing in the end. And if you like horses this is also a good one.


Dani (Danielle Cuchran) a young, spoiled girl has to move to her uncle Sam’s (Kevin Sorbo) farm after her father is arrested for fraud. She adjusts slowly to life on the farm, but the loving environment and wilderness begin to chip away at her exterior. She bonds with a young foal named Stormy that she begins to raise as her own personal horse. And while there, she has the chance to learn about love, relationships and family. An antagonist is present in the form of her evil step-mother.


Nothing here is especially revolutionary or incredible. But it is done with sincerity. And since I know Kevin Sorbo only does anything these days that would be safe and moral for the kids, you can be sure his presence alone indicates that there’s nothing to worry about here.

This is a simple, yet heartwarming movie for people who like horses. If you have young daughters or nieces who are beginning to have any interest, this can make a fine Christmas gift.

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