Step Up All In
Age Restriction:
Studio: Offspring Entertainment, Summit Entertainment
Running Time: 112 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

The new installment and fifth chapter of the infamous Step Up series, Step Up All In, meets its expectations of mediocrity. With an all-star cast of Step Up favourites, comes the time old tale of dancing.

Step Up All In

Another Adam Shankman “original” is the tried and tested story of the underdog becoming a hero – the producer even makes his first cameo appearance. However, the newest chapter is different from the rest as it depicts the reality of a dancing career, well as real as it can be portrayed without becoming depressing. As a dedicated fan, the movie did not have the best love story of the entire franchise. But, maybe it was a more relatable one in that it dealt with break ups and hook ups, and was therefore less romanticised than the previous films. Although, be warned that choreographed flirtatious scenes occur more than once.

Step Up All in, as the franchise notoriously does, follows the life of one main lowly character – this being Sean (Ryan Guzman). The movie picks up six months later from Step Up Revolution with The Mob crew. After their YouTube win, the crew find themselves struggling to find work in Hollywood. Through unfortunate circumstances, Sean is left to fend for himself and find a new crew when he comes across a once in a lifetime opportunity at winning a three-year contract to perform in Las Vegas. Cue the cheesey dance competition, and you’ve got yourself a montage and crew round up of all Step Up 2: The Streets’ cast.


The reality style competition, The Vortex, is MC’d by a very eccentric Michelle Pfeiffer look-alike (Izabella Miko). With a cast of ex So You Think You Can Dance contestants and Step Up all stars including Moose (Adam G. Sevani) and Camilla (Alyson Stoner) – the dancing talent is exceptional (especially in the final dance you’re expecting).

The 3D visual effects are relatively good, and don’t give you the feeling of wasting 60 bucks on a movie you could’ve watched without the glasses. But, if you don’t like dancing, dancing movies, or a Step Up without Channing Tatum, then don’t go watch this movie.

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