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Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s acclaimed series of the same name is brought to life in this animated feature. As in the comics, Superman saves Dr. Leo, Quintin and the members of his research team from crashing into the sun after Lex Luthor sabotages their mission. While saving the team Superman is exposed to massive amounts of solar radiation, resulting in a sort of cancer that increases all his super powers but leaves him with only a short time to live.


Faced with his own mortality Superman decides to reveal his identity to Lois Lane. Together they embark on a brief set of adventures that sees Superman give Lois a serum for her birthday which enables her to enjoy powers like his.

The DVD follows the comic series almost verbatim and while you may have wished for more artistic license, that desire soon vanishes once you become engrossed in the excellent pacing and strong story telling. We are enthralled by Superman’s weird and bizarre collections and experiments at his Fortress of Solitude. Exposing us to Superman’s domestic affairs opens up his world to us in a new and compelling way. The depth of the characters also adds to the appeal and success of the film. Superman’s and Clark Kent’s actions are never contrived but genuine and believable, the drama never seems forced.

all star superman movie review

The artwork follows the style of the book in that both are created with fine, thin line work and not much shading. Sometimes it looks all too bare and flat on-screen but on the other hand the movement of the characters is so smooth and free. The sound is a tad muted and sparse as well, some more robust audio and foley would have spiced things up a bit.

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