Age Restriction:
Studio: Di Bonaventura Pictures
Running Time: 107 mins

Verdict: 3 / 5

“Retirement” in the world of celebrity seems to be tossed around rather loosely nowadays. It seems like every other day another famous rapper or veteran actor announces their retirement, leaving us only wondering how long it’ll be before they announce their “big comeback”. For our good friend Arhnuld, it was a little bit different, as he actually quit in order to enter the cutthroat world of politics. Well, that time too has come and gone, and the big man himself has sought to re-enter the world of film, and this, The Last Stand, is his first lead film role in ten years.

Burrell: Who the hell are you?
[Burrell pulls out his gun, but Owens shoots him in the forehead]
Sheriff Ray Owens: I am the Sheriff.

Arnold plays Sheriff Owens, a big city cop living out his retirement in a small sleepy village. Amongst the wacky but harmless inhabitants of the town is Lewis Dinkum (Knoxville) a crazy gun collector and speed freak. His town receives a report that notorious drug lord is fleeing to the Mexican border, and will soon pass through his small town, and it is up to Owens and whatever help he can find to stop the madman where he stands.

Last Stand is definitely not a bad action movie; it has a lot of guns, explosions, clearly labeled good guys and bad guys, wacky sidekicks, car chases, etc etc. All of these are carried out very satisfactorily, and are pleasing to watch. However, it is rather by the books. It seems Arnold is definitely affected by “old man syndrome” where the way things were done in the past worked, so why change them? Even Knoxville seems to be playing the exact same character he did in a movie before; which set him as a wacky thrill seeker helping a big tough sheriff.

Sheriff Ray Owens: You make us immigrants look bad.

Should innovation be carried out for innovations sake? Or can the old ways be done again because they worked before? This is something you need to decide for yourself after watching; personally I don’t mind Arnie trying again, as his iconic figure still remains embedded into our pop culture awareness, even now.

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