Age Restriction:
Studio: Cinetel Films, Anchor Bay Films, Family of the Year Productions
Running Time: 108 mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

I find I Spit on Your Grave to a puzzling and troublesome movie. While I’m rooting for the main character Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler), I also don’t want to see what’s going on. In a sense this is a good thing as it conveys a disturbing realism to events. A remake of the 1978 film by the same name (or Day of the Woman), I Spit on Your Grave is a vile and disturbing piece of cinematography.

Jennifer Hills escapes society in order to start on her next book. Her isolation of choice is a small cabin in the woods – surely nothing can go wrong with this idea? On the way there she meets several men at a gas station, who eventually sneak into her cabin. Their invasion leads to the torture and rape of Jennifer. Yes, you do see all of this. Yes, it is a gruesome spectacle. Yes, I hated every moment of it.

This constitutes the first half of Grave. The second follows Miss Hills as she exacts her revenge upon these monsters. Each offending man receives a different, and fitting, torture depending on what they did to Jennifer. The movie ends with the best one, which made me smirk at the outcome.

The movie does have a few redeeming qualities to it. The acting is very well done and, with the exception of one character, there is a realism to these performances. Props go to Sarah Butler for having to handle all of this; it couldn’t have been easy. The offenders do give you a sense of crazed depravity, which adds to the overall realism the movie tries to convey.

I Spit on Your Grave’s special effects are quite well done, and lend of the pain is portrayed by the protagonist and antagonists. Almost nothing looks cheesy with plenty of standard special effects – no CGI.

While I can see how I Spit on Your Grave may empower some (the second half, not the first) it is a sick and twisted mess of a movie. If you enjoy the Murder Porn sub-genre then watch this, otherwise stay far, far away from it.

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  1. In all honesty, this is one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen. I think it’s hard to even explain everything that happens in this film. It holds back no punches and shows everything graphically. But on the other hand, I wanted to see just how far they would take it. So they kept me watching the entire film. Which is more than I can say for Movie 43. Watching the lady getting raped was more difficult to watch than her revenge on them (which was brutal, brutal, brutal). We’re talking eye lids being connected with fish hooks to a tree and ravens eating his eyes out of the sockets kinda torture here. I couldn’t recommend this movie to anyone, ever! But it does have something unique about it. Regardless of how twisted and sick it was, I would probably give it 2 stars. Just because there is nothing as disturbing out there.

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