Snaaks Genoeg - Movie Review
Age Restriction:
Studio: Simanga Films, Cheap Flicks
Running Time: 95 mins

Verdict: 3 / 5

Snaaks Genoeg is surprisingly relaxed, considering its large comedic cast. Much like old Tolla Van Der Merwe use to do with his narrative jokes, the audience is told a story, a very tall story, that leaves you laughing and thinking profound thoughts.

Snaaks Genoeg - Movie Review

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat happens when you’re just not funny anymore? Once a big shot comedian, Casper De Vries finds himself in this predicament as he journeys through the Karoo in an old car and his trademark ‘f*kken hoedjie’.

De Vries breaks the forth wall inviting the audience on this ridiculous pilgrimage to rediscover his (forgive me) funny bone and claim back the comedy thrown. This works very well, much like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards. Especially when he finds himself in the midst of flying bullets and roped bodies – everyone needs to pause because what the actual ****!

Meanwhile, there’s a rather elite team that specializes in taking out these self-proclaimed funny men – whenever they tell a specific joke. That joke in turn is how they meet their end – jokes literally on you this time.

Snaaks Genoeg - Movie Review

The script in terms of dialogue isn’t very strong. Fortunately, a strong star cast entertains regardless. And it is so refreshing to see Cronje in a more sinister role. He crawls under your skin, even if you just want to hug him.

The films soundtrack definitely deserves praise! Luna Page and Pierre Rommelaere have skilfully selected music that compliments the beautiful cinematography and echoes the plot. What’s exciting is that it consists of original songs.

Snaaks Genoeg - Movie Review

Amongst all the giggles, the film also does a fantastic job at showcasing the beauty of the Karoo lands and its people.

Snaaks Genoeg releases 28 October 2016, not to be confused with De Vries’ 2004 one man show with the same title. For the curious folks, there is a 5 part documentary online about his travels with that show.

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