sinister 2 movie review
Age Restriction:
Studio: Alliance Films, Automatik Entertainment, Blumhouse Productions
Running Time: 1h 37min

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

Sinister 2 is the unispired direct sequel to 2012’s sleeper hit starring Ethan Hawke and the creepy supernatural pagan deity Bughuul. You remember Bughuul, the bogeyman that bares a strange resemblance to a zombie Michael Jackson, coerces children into killing their families and loves to photobomb snuff home movies? Well, he’s back.

sinister 2 bughuul

Sequels in the horror genre are largely motivated by huge cash-in. Sinister 2 unashamedly follows suit. Calling it a sequel is giving it too much credit. It’s a disjointed mess that doesn’t even attempt to follow on from the ideas of the first film. Even after two films, we’re left with unanswered questions regarding Bughuul. What are his motives? Why does he lure children into committing horrendous and violent crimes? Where does he come from? What’s with his obsession of home made super 8 films? Did he edit those videos himself? How did he make that psychedelic soundtrack? Are those kid ghosts his minions? What do they get out of serving him? Honestly, the writers don’t seem to have a clue either. It’s all just a tragic mystery.

Sinister 2 elevates the first film’s comic relief, Deputy So and So, to lead and focuses on his quest to end Bughuul’s reign. He travels from town to town destroying all the homes of the families that Bughuul has haunted. He mission brings him across Courtney, a single mother of twin boys on the run from her abusive ex-husband. She has been hiding in one of the haunted houses unaware that her boys are befriending supernatural children who serve Bughuul. The kids force the twins to watch 8mm reels of families being killed in horrific ways; eaten by crocodiles, set alight, buried alive and hung from trees. For some unexplained reason, they encourage the boys to do the same things to their family.

Sinister 2 depends greatly on cheap scares. It feels more like an ugly game of peek-a-boo. It’s a film that tries it utmost to top the first film by offering “more”. More violence. More children. More Bughuul. More Deputy So and So. More snuff films. More stupidity. More tedious. More monotonous. More dull. Less horror.

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