Age Restriction:
Studio: Davis-Films, Konami, Silent Hill 2 DCP
Running Time: 94 mins

Verdict: .5 / 5

Okay guys, new rule. Anyone who thinks that “Revelation” is still a suitable subtitle for any piece of media nowadays should be taken up against a wall and shot. Although, they’ve already shown themselves to be such a soulless little penny pinching corporate drone that perhaps only driving a stake through their heart would be of any lasting effect by this stage. It reeks of “oh well, it’ll do, let’s take an early lunch.” Providing a sequel to a movie that didn’t one based on a game series that didn’t need a movie, Silent Hill: Revelation is almost transcendent in its ability to be such a multi-leveled pile of trash.

2006’s Silent Hill was actually pretty good as movies based on games going, managing to keep some of the atmosphere that made the games such a success. Those days are long gone. Throwing out any continuity whenever he feels like it, the director creates a poorly acted generic slash-a-thon where blood and gore abounds in plentiful amounts. Ooh, I’m so scared. I say this is the director’s fault rather than the actors, as this film stars both Sean Bean and Kit Harrington, notably for their roles as Eddard Stark and Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. So clearly there’s some talent here, so I have to believe the director tricked them into signing a contract that said they should act as woodenly as is humanly manageable, possibly by employing some sort of evil Hollywood sorcery.

This film has no redeeming features, which is not unexpected when it comes to bad horror movies. But with the amount of money and talent behind it, it becomes almost sickening at what has happened. Almost anything would have been a better use of the money for this. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think it would be best if every person should feign ignorance and pretend this movie never existing, and put their fingers in their ears and go “la la la” loudly if anyone mentions it. It’s for the good of everyone, trust me.

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