Age Restriction:
Studio: After Dark Films
Running Time: 88 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

I’m reviewing Red Clover purely because I feel strongly in my heart that there aren’t enough movies with killer leprechauns in them. Aside from the film series with the name of the titular elf some years ago, (this included the seminal masterpiece, Leprechaun 2: Back to Da Hood); we have been suffering from a woeful lack of people being killed by tiny Irish monsters. Red Clover rectifies this, and congratulations should be offered.

While wandering through her small town one day, young American person Karen O’Hara (good use of the Irish name there guys!) picks a red 4 leafed clover out of the ground. Soon her town is plagued by a series of killings caused by the release of an ancient leprechaun that was banished to an alternate dimension decades before. The only man that can stop him is town sheriff Conor O’Hara, Karen’s father, played by the villain from Titanic (not the Iceberg). This stuff writes itself.

Red Clover is by no means a good movie in any sense of the word. But it is just bad enough to be funny, and exciting enough to be campy rather than the same old same old. The monster itself looks hilarious low budget, and all the actors seem to be aware what sort of movie they’re in, and make no efforts to try very hard. It’s a long fall from being in the highest grossing movie of all time, hey Billy Zane?

Nevertheless, for this reason, despite being very terrible on its own, Red Clover could be quite fun with friends, and good for a few laughs. No scares though.

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