R.I.P.D.-First Official Trailer
Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: Universal Pictures, Original Film, Dark Horse Entertainment
Running Time: 96mins

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

Based on “Rest in Peace Department”, a popular Dark Horse comic book created by Peter M. Lenkov, R.I.P.D. arrives on South African soil with the awful stench of decay after being panned universally by critics and audiences alike. The lifeless blockbuster dares to compare itself to the likes of Ghostbusters, Ghost and Men in Black, but instead feels incredibly derivative and remarkably lazy. The soulless blunder even fumbles the CGI and with every new scene that passes it becomes more and more apparent that the filmmakers are straining to crank up the humour and action in order to entertain its audience. Hell, even Jeff Bridges apologized to his audience for this boo-boo.

Nick (played by the ever so tiring Ryan Reynolds), a Boston cop who gets shot by his partner Bobby Hayes (Kevin Bacon) finds his way to heaven, where he is enrolled into the Rest in Peace Department. He soon partners up with Roy Pulsipher (Bridges), a 19th-century lawman with a bad attitude. Together they head back to earth where their case naturally leads them to Hayes, allowing Nick to gain revenge. Of course, on earth everyone else sees Nick as an old Chinese guy (James Hong) and Roy as a blond bombshell, which when revealed is literally the only laugh out loud moment in the entire film.

While the film boasts a $130 million dollar budget, R.I.P.D. suffers from poor visual effects, awful script writing and bland performances from all involved. Ryan Reynolds seems bent on career suicide, by performing in one bad film after the next. You might find Bridges’ performance interesting at parts, but it’s not strong enough to carry a film this bad. Plus, everything looks and feels completely cartoony.

It’s also filled with dozens of action movie clichés. Partner is a bad guy. Tick. Partner goes after dead friend’s wife. Tick. Dead guy attempts to catch partner. Tick. Partner kidnaps bad guy’s wife. Tick. Dead guy takes down Partner, who has been an evil mastermind all these years. Tick. Dead guy stops the apocalypse. Tick. Dead guy and new partner become best friends. Tick.

It’s truly lifeless. R.I.P.D = Really.Idiotical.Please.Dodge.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibMV4ZOYHh4′]

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