Age Restriction:
Studio: Reliance Entertainment, Demarest Films, IM Global
Running Time: 106 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Paranoia. The film title is very nifty. However, this was one of the least paranoid movies that I have watched. It is definitely a movie where you realize early in the film that “this is all a set-up” but the filmmakers use cool technology and gadgets to drive the story and keep the viewer interested.

Guest review by Meagan Pontack

Adam Cassidy (Liam Lemsworth) is a low-level employee that is trying to climb up the corporate ladder at Wyatt Corporation. After a bad development pitch, credit card misuse, and losing his job, his CEO, Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman) twists his arm him to spy on his arch rival competitor, Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford). Adam reluctantly takes up the glamorous job at Jock Goddard’s firm. He seems to be living the good life in his fancy apartment, driving a new car and working from a corner office, however, behind the scenes he is just a puppet and Nicholas Wyatt is pulling the strings of the corporate game. Adam realizes that he needs to get away from his forceful boss who will do anything to get the multi-billion dollar corporate advantage.

The film felt like it should be a gripping techno-thriller but it ended up not knowing how to get there at the end. The direction seemed to get lost in the plot. Robert Luketic, the director of Paranoia tried to create a suspense drama, keeping in mind that he previously directed “Legally Blonde”, “The Ugly Truth”, & “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton”.

Liam Lemsworth and Harrison Ford gave good performances. Their techo-jargon was convincing throughout the film and filled out the characters despite the “clichéd” predictable screenplay. In some scenes it’s hard to understand what is going on because the story took a lot of different courses very fast without justification. On a positive note, the cinematography and production design was of a great quality. It definitely looked like a suspense thriller.

Overall, Paranoia is average, purely because the film didn’t fit into the suspense techno thriller genre as well as it could of.

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