Studio: Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures
Running Time: 131 mins
Format: Blu-Ray
Number of Disks: 2

Story: 4 / 5

Video Quality: 5 / 5

Audio Quality: 5 / 5

Extras: 4.5 / 5

Pacific Rim was definitely one of the most anticipated releases this year. Despite it not doing that great domestically, it was a huge success overseas, so much so that a sequel is currently in the works. The Blu-ray release is set to bring in some extra funding and it is packed with awesomeness.

Pacific Rim Blu-ray Review

The Story

When it came to aliens, mankind always looked to the skies, but what if the threat came from fissures within the Earth itself? This is the story of Pacific Rim; aliens attack humanity by crossing through a dimensional rift between the tectonic plates of the Pacific. These Kaiju are colossal 200ft in size. After the events of San Fransico and Manilla, it was decided that in order for mankind to fight back against these monsters they would need to create monsters of their own. Nations were forced to unify and create giant robots, also known as Jaegers, in order to combat this global threat. Each Jaeger would require two pilots in order to operate as the early test proved that the mental toll on a single pilot is far too much for them to handle. Therefore, two pilots who are “Drift Compatible” would need to work together in order to get this mech moving.

When a pilot drifts the duo has access to the partners memories and experiences. So even though you get some awesome “within a dream” sequences, it does open some concerns. Striker Eureka is piloted by a father and son duo, would this mean the son is able to access the memory of his conception? Concerning indeed!

The opening sequence introduces us to the Beckett brothers as they demonstrate the systems and processes involved in piloting a Jaeger. From the opening, we are thrown directly into some Jaeger vs Kaiju action which will leave you on the edge of your seat. Something is different about the Kaiju, they are evolving and become more of a threat than ever before!. After about 15 minutes of awesome action, the title sequence kicks in, definitely one of the best movie introduction sequences of the year!

Pacific Rim Blu-ray Review

The story then jumps forward 5 years into the future. After the events in the opening sequence, humanity has kind of given up hope in fighting back against these monsters. The leaders of nations have decided to scrap funding on the Jaeger project and instead build giant reinforced walls that will segregate the alien threat. But all that is about to change as Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) believes that humanity needs to fight back in order to “cancel the apocalypse”. He takes it upon himself to lead a rebel force of Jaeger pilots in order to make one final attempt to seal off the dimensional rift once and for all. But in order to see his plan’s success he needs to recruit one of the original pilots, he needs a Beckett brother. Raleigh Beckett (Charlie Hunnam) is requested to come out of retirement in order to pilot the infamous Gypsy Danger, but after a five-year hiatus is he really the man for the job?

From this point onwards the viewer is absorbed into an epic adventure, one filled with superb special effects and large-scale action sequences. The movie has a little something for every viewer. There are comedy subplots and twists. And of course Kaiju versus Jaeger mayhem. What I really enjoyed for once is that the relationships between lead characters feel authentic. They are dealing with real issues on a personal and emotional level. It is great that for once a female character is given the chance to grow without needing to get physical with her co-star in order to find herself and her sense of independence. As a result of seeing characters grow, you become more concerned about their survival as they are placed into some rather dangerous situations.

Pacific Rim Blu-ray Review

Video Quality

Pacific Rim is easily the most visually impressive Blu-ray I have watched. After seeing the 3D version at the cinema I can safely say that I enjoyed the Blu-ray more. Everything is sharper and more detailed. The Kaiju look better and you can see the close attention to detail in their design. The scenes involving destruction are made more visible as well.

Audio Quality

With Pacific Rim featuring the clanging of metals, destruction of buildings and the roars of Kaiju, you can only expect the audio to be great. The movie has two audio track options; TS-HD Master Audio 7.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1. Both versions do a great job; the dialogue is crisp and clear. The action scenes will make you feel as though the combat is in your room.

The audio really adds to the proportions of the battles you are witnessing and be prepared for some great Kaiju roars. In fact, you might want to tell your neighbours you are about to watch Pacific Rim, just in case they call the cops.

Pacific Rim Blu-ray Review


Warner Bros. and Guillermo del Toro did not hold back when it came to extras on the disk. This is definitely worth the amount you pay for it. Both discs are packed with extra features, so do not be fooled into thinking that Disc 1 only has the movie on it.

The extras are great and well thought out. You can see that they were not just throwing these things on a disc at random. My one gripe is that they did not give a digital version of the prequel comic on the Blu-ray and that could really enhance the viewer’s understanding and perception of characters and concepts within the movie.

Extras include:

• Audio Commentary by Guillermo del Toro
• 13 Featurettes aka Focus Points (each featurette is about 3:30-5 minutes long and deals with different aspects of the movie such as Kaiju, Jaeger concept development and more.)
• Digital Directors Notebook (Fully Interactive!)
• Drift Space feature (explores slowed down version of the drift concept)
• The Digital Artistry of Pacific Rim
• The Shatterdome (Sub menu filled with concept art and other pre-production content.)
• Deleted Scenes
• Blooper Reel


The Pacific Rim Blu-ray makes for great entertainment and is worth each and every cent. It shows you how passionate Guillermo del Toro is about this film and it makes you feel as though the sequel is warranted. With a disc case bursting at the seams because of the extra content, you will definitely not feel any buyer’s remorse when it comes to owning this title. If you are a fan of mecha, monsters, sci-fi, and destruction you should own this Blu-ray!

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