Age Restriction:
Studio: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Running Time: 112min

Verdict: 2 / 5

No one could have ever predicted the great success that talking puppets could accomplish at entertaining the masses. In fact, it was that kind of negativity that Jim Henson had to endure while attempting to recommend a new entertainment concept to broadcasters across America. And now, years later, with both small and big screen success, The Muppets have proven that entertainment certainly comes in different shapes and sizes.

Following the great success of their critically acclaimed 2011 cinematic musical production, The Muppets are back again, only this time they are touring internationally in hopes of introducing the world (well Europe) to their exuberant musical performances. Although excited about the opportunity, Kermit struggles to maintain order among the performers and ends up imprisoned while out on a walk. An impersonator steps in as a replacement to prevent suspicion, and while their performances are gaining attractive reviews, The Muppets find themselves on Interpol’s Most Wanted list after the occurrence of a series of unexplained crimes that seem to take place metres from their performance venues.

The Muppets have never really been a favourite of mine. Yes, I grew up watching the TV show. Although entertaining, I started losing interest when they decided to venture out into space for over an hour and a half. However, I was keen to give Most Wanted a fighting chance and while I was awed by the surprise star-studded guest appearances, I was left unimpressed by what I thought was a lame and overly predictable storyline. You know a movie is boring when people start walking out of the theatre long before it is scheduled to end, and even though I was tempted on many occasions to join the departing parties, I stayed in hope that it would eventually get better – it never did!

There was just nothing memorable about this film (well other than the relationship between the French and American detectives); there’s no mystery, no creativity, no real excitement and the story line dragged out for what felt like hours. The film played out like a spoof rather than a musical show production that represents its characters. Nevertheless, despite the disappointments, The Muppets have and will always be an all time favourite and the songs may just be good enough to keep the kids entertained… for a while…

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