the minions
Age Restriction:
Studio: Illumination Entertainment
Running Time: 91 mins

Verdict: 4 / 5

The much-anticipated prequel to the “Despicable Me” films finally tells us the story of how The Minions came to be, and their inherent desire to serve the ultimate evil boss.


For the first 15 to 20 minutes of the film, you are basically re-watching the Minions trailer, with maybe an extra second of unseen footage. That was highly unimpressive but introduced the story well. And if you were living under a rock and missed the teaser, then it’s a chance to know how the minions were “created”.

The movie, however, should be praised for its unpredictability. I really couldn’t guess where the story was going (after the trailer that is), and it truly made the “cheesy” animation that more exciting and funny! And that is why I will not be giving too much away in this review so that you can have that same enjoyment.


Here’s the just: The three minions Kevin (the leader), Stuart and innocent Bob set voyage to find their new evil boss, as they were left hopeless from years with no one to follow. The three land up in New York in the 60s. But, most of the movie takes place in London with a cameo by a young Queen Elizabeth.

Sandra Bullock voices the most evil female super-villain in the world, Scarlett Overkill (the surname shadowing her character), who hires the minions as her new henchman. Her character is rather crazy and quite a brat when things don’t go away – queue life threatening commands to the poor minions and a sad childhood. Her inventor husband Herb (Jon Hamm) is the comic relief to their rather strange and world-domination marriage when he creates outrageous gadgets.

All in all, the movie isn’t as funny as the Despicable Me’s but the ending will make you “ah-ha” and smile (I won’t give that away). So if you’re going to see this, take a kid and be prepared to see a lot of minion butts – and also the ability to understand their language (which you can add to your skills list later).

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