Age Restriction:
Studio: New Line Cinema, Newman/Tooley Films, Slap Happy Productions
Running Time: 110 mins

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

David (Jason Sudeikis) is a local small time drug dealer. On his rounds he gets robbed of his stash and his money that belongs to a drug dealer. In order to pay off his debt from his money hungry supplier he has to pick up an “order” in Mexico. Little does he know that the “order” happens to be a few tons of Marijuana. David is in a predicament and has to come-up with a plan fast. So how exactly does a drug smuggler get across an international border with an absurd amount of marijuana? He hires the “perfect” family… One contemptuous stripper (Jennifer Aniston), a dorky 18-year old (Will Pouter), a rebellious teenage runaway (Emma Roberts) and a huge RV make up the “Miller” family who attempt to smuggle across an international border with an absurd amount of marijuana.

Guest Review by Meagan Pontack

We’re the Millers has a fairly straight forward premise and which is somewhat predictable. The film definitely succeeded on the vigour of the charisma and wit of the well assembled cast and the script balances the comedic elements and the subtle underlying message about the significance of family despite disfuntionalism well.

It suffers from being too similar to other comedies out last year; the script relies a lot on sexual crudeness and sleaziness to carry across the humour. I wasn’t sure if the film was supposed to be a hearty family sitcom or a shady hangover-style movie. Of course, one of the highlights of the film is seeing Jennifer Aniston show off her incredibly toned figure during a sultry dance scene.

In the end, We’re the Millers will make you laugh even despite the obviousness of the plot and the message about the importance of family, at the core of the film, is heart-warming.

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