Age Restriction:
Studio: Amblin Entertainment, Parkes + MacDonald, Imagenation Abu Dhabi, Hemisphere Media Capital
Running Time: 106 minutes

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

We all have fond memories of the original MIB, the goofball buddy comedy about a secret alien agency that cleverly exposed a few strange celebrities as aliens. Held together by strong chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones it deservingly sparked off a franchise of clothing, cartoons, comic books and more. After nearly a decade since the release of MIB 2, Jay and Kay suit up once again, but time has not been good to our beloved heroes.

meninblack3 movie review

Riding on the new 3D wave, MIB 3 is released in the gimmicky converted 3D, which is exciting for a good five minutes. It seems the producers were willing to throw every form of technology at the project. The CGI, production stills, and special effects are wonderful. But what it lacks in humour cannot be made up with great visuals.

As with previous films in the series, Agents Jay (Smith) and Kay (Jones) are hard at work, wrangling rogue aliens in New York City, when Boris The Animal (Clement), an old enemy, escapes. The news rattles Kay, who refuses to let Jay get involved with the case. But Jay being Jay, loudmouthed and nosey, investigates and discovers a few links between Kay and Boris.

When Boris time travels back in time, Kay disappears from the present day and Jay is forced to follow him back to 1969 (“Not the best time for your people,” he is warned). It’s here that Jay meets a younger, more pleasant Kay (Brolin). Together again, for the first time, they race against time to stop the world from being destroyed.


[pullquote_right]But the real surprise is Josh Brolin, impersonating Jones, who steals the glory from the MIB veterans.[/pullquote_right]Even after all these years Smith and Jones are still great together. But the real surprise is Josh Brolin, impersonating Jones, who steals the glory from the MIB veterans. Dry and deadpan, he manages to embody the flinty Texan perfectly, generating a healthy number of laughs.

The same cannot be said for Smith, the center of the story this time around, who struggles to run the bases. Yes, he remains funny, but many of us will remember him being better at delivering the punch lines. The problem doesn’t really lie with Will, but with director Barry Sonnenfeld, who doesn’t use the actor to his fullest.

There are a few genuinely funny parts that had me giggling like a school girl, but I can’t help but believe the experience could have been more rewarding if Smith was given better material. There are a number of scenes that could have been milked just a tad bit more. Introducing a few alien cameos would have also helped. Maybe Charlie Sheen? Either way, Men In Black 3 is still winning.

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