Studio: Disney
Running Time: 142 mins
Format: 3D Blu-Ray + 2D Blu-Ray
Number of Disks: 2

Story: 4 / 5

Video Quality: 5 / 5

Audio Quality: 5 / 5

Extras: 3.5 / 5

Avengers Blu Ray + Blu Ray 3D

The super-powered moneymaker, Marvel’s The Avengers, has finally assembled on 3D Blu-Ray, packaged with an additional 2D copy on Blu-Ray, along with added bonus features. Fan’s worldwide have anticipated the release, clawing to get their hands on a copy of the highest grossing picture of 2012 (the third highest of all time). And with reason. Thanks to rave reviews and a 90% Rotten Tomatoes rating it was easy to predict gold for Joss Whedon’s action adventure film. Here Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk suit up once again, allowing us to continue the battle, this time within our very own homes.

“And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes were united against a common threat! On that day The Avengers were born — to fight foes no single hero could withstand!”


The S.H.I.E.L.D. agency brings together a team of superhumans to help save the Earth from annihilation by extraterrestrial invaders. At first they find it hard to work together, bickering and fighting between each other. But when the federal agent assigned to the locate them dies, they pull together to avenge the earth against an attack from Loki, the god of mischief and chaos.


Video Quality

The Avengers 3D is presented in the film’s original aspect ratio of 1.78:1, encoded with MVC MPEG-4 compression. The quality is super high in comparison to some of the other 3D titles on offer at the moment. There is a noticeable difference in quality when switching between John Carter 3D and The Avengers 3D. Images are sharper, brighter and more colourful, helping the 3D to pop a little more. It’s hard to believe that Avengers was in fact converted to 3D in post-production and not originally filmed in the format. Audiences will be in awe while studying the tiny fine details of the 3D Blu-Ray quality. This is the perfect demonstration disc to showcase your HD television set.

Audio Quality

There aren’t many titles that pack a punch as good as The Avengers. The audio quality is simply breathtaking, with every sound effect designed to send a low-end frequency to rattle your intestines. 142 minutes of none stop action and explosions in DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 (24-bit) is like something from an audiologist’s dream. Crystal, sharp, smooth and punchy – Avengers’ audio was built to rock your house.

Avengers gag reel


Marvel One-Shot: Item 47
Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel
A Visual Journey

In addition to the usual commentary and featurette, Disney have also included an additional short film entitled Item 47, the highlight of the extras on offer here. Although it’s somewhat unrelated to The Avengers, the story takes place within the same universe after the events in the film.

Deleted Scenes from The Avengers

Deleted Scenes:

Alternate Opening – Maria Hill Interrogation
Extended Scene – Loki & Barton Strategize
Steve Rogers – Man Out of Time
Nick Fury & World Security Council
Extended Viaduct Fight – Raw Footage
Fury & Hill Discuss the World Security Council
Extended Scene – Banner and Security Guard
Alternate Ending – Maria Hill Interrogation

The deleted scenes also include an alternate ending and an extensively longer scene with Captain America struggling within the modern world, and contemplating contacting his Peggy Carter, his sweetheart from The First Avenger.

Overall the extras are a bit of a letdown, considering the amount of additional work that could have been done here. It needed more documentaries, interviews, behind the scenes and interactive features – like the Iron Man Blu-Ray disks, which are chock-a-block full of additional content.

I doubt it will take much motivation for those who are lucky enough to own a 3D television to go out and purchase The Avengers 3D. If you haven’t, may I kindly ask; what you are waiting for? Thank you again, Joss Whedon. Thank you.

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