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Age Restriction:
Studio: Parts and Labor, New Artists Alliance, Mm...Buttered Panini Productions
Running Time: 80 mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

Director Adam Rapp is a playwright and hasn’t done much film directing, this is evident in “Loitering With Intent”.

The film is a low-budget comedy that follows the story of two struggling actors, Dominic (Michael Godere) and Raphael (Ivan Martin), that try to write a screenplay in just 10 days. The movie is a string of film clichés that lacks a story line with real determination. This rom-com has its humorous parts, but not enough to give the film a notable report.


Dominic and Raphael are approached by a producer that happens to have a huge amount of capital and is looking for a screenplay to invest in. They lie about having a film noir script that they wrote and are looking to play the lead roles in. The big shot producer gives Dominic and Raphael 10 days to submit the script to her. The two grab the opportunity and decide to take a creative retreat to the country to clear their minds and get their creative juices flowing. They end up staying at Raphael’s sister, Gigi (Marisa Tomei) who has an empty holiday home. Their creative retreat is ambushed by Gigi (who’s not supposed to be at the house), her peculiar friend Ava (Isabelle McNally), Gigi’s crazy military lover, Wayne (Sam Rockwell) and Wayne’s brother Devon (Brian Geraghty), an up and coming reality star. As domestic feuds and excitements go, Raphael falls in love with Gigi who is trying to reconcile with her boyfriend. Wayne is an emotional wreck while Ava is madly in love with Dominic and keeps trying to get his attention. Meanwhile, Dominic keeps his eye on the prize and is determined to get the script finished despite the cloud of busyness around him.

There is a lot of to-and-fro in the script which makes it confusing. The story starts off well but completely loses direction once Ava appears on the scene. From that point, the film heads into a downward spiral of empty distractions that keep Dominic and Raphael from writing. There are a lot of films about ‘making a movie’ and this is definitely the worst one. The characters lack depth and inspiration. Tomei and Rockwell are both great actors, but Rapp did not do justice to make use of their talents. The strength of rom-com is the script and the characters within it and unfortunately neither in this film compliment the genre. I do like the style of the art design, as it feels homely and communal which gives the film a day-to-day life kind of feel.

Overall, Loitering With Intent had potential but never reached a point of fulfillment as the story meanders too much.

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