Age Restriction:
Studio: Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, LEGO
Running Time: 100 mins

Verdict: 4 / 5

Growing up with Lego, I remember their little generic faces, the helmets with teeth marks and the little crack down below the visor because you were playing a bit rough during those fun building adventures. Lego creates moments you will never forget, moments that this movie has not forgotten.

The Lego Movie is a humorous, high octan fun-filled adventure and at the center of it all lies a generic little Lego builder know as Emmet (Chris Pratt). Emmet lives his life following the instructions; he likes the music he is supposed to, he loves coffee as he is supposed to and he does his job exactly how it should be done and all is done in order to please the leader of this Lego land… President Business (Will Ferrell). But Emmet’s little world is about to go Wyldstyle when he meets a beautiful master builder that tells him he is destined for greater things… that he is “the special”.

From here on out adults and children will find themselves absorbed into one of the greatest animation produced to date. It truly has something for everyone and is so true to what us Lego builders experience whilst enjoying this Danish delight. The Lego products and characters on display are vast; from Superman to Retro Space Man. Each character and cameo really adds to the movie. The humour is well thought out and although many a kid will be flocking to the cinemas to see this film, it has jokes for the grownups too. Will Ferrel makes a lovable Megamind-like villain that is bent on destroying creativityland’s imagination once and for all. He wants to be the main Lego piece and will stop at nothing in order to fix himself as the leader of Lego land. He is stuck to his focus like glue and has Good Cop/Bad Cop (Liam Neeson) as back up. The movie is a giant game of cat and mouse that involves thousands of bricks all put together to provide some stellar action sequences, the CGI is flawless even when fast paced. The 3D works well, although it is not truly that necessary to enjoy this film.

The Lego Movie is more than an attempt to cash in on a successful franchise. This is a stellar movie, not a marketing ploy. It has subject matter that is relevant to what society has become today; it shows us the power of creativity and imagination all whilst teaching the viewer a valuable life lesson. It is a movie with a moral that will leave you wanting to head straight to the toyshop (I am the proud owner of a President Business mini-figure). With a magnificent cast of voices you will recognise easily, when it comes to The Lego Movie… everything is awesome!

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