Age Restriction:
Studio: Clarius Entertainment
Running Time: 88mins

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home”

Remember the story of the little girl from Kansas who befriended a rusted Tin Man, a scaredy pants Lion and a brainless Scarecrow on her way to find the wonderful Wizard of Oz? Well, she’s back! No sooner has Dorothy gotten home from her exciting adventure; when she is summoned to take yet another journey on the yellow brick road, to save Emerald City from yet another devious villain in Legends of Oz – Dorothy’s Return.

This film has recieved a mixed bag of reviews. With the majority of critics responding unfavourably, many everyday viewers agree that the feature worth the watch… So, which is it?

Well, if you’re younger than 6, then this film is perfect for you. Combining elements of musical theatre with some brightly coloured, crystal clear graphics and an educational theme of morale, this movie is a perfectly clean resource that any parent can use to keep their kids entertained. Think of Barney (not how much you hate him but rather how much kids love him) just with a better cast and a little more visual magic. Legends of Oz – Dorothy’s Return is a great film for parents and kids alike; and regardless of what critics have to say, the film reaches it’s target audience effectively.

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