Age Restriction:
Studio: Anonymous Content, BR Capital Group, Merced Media Partners
Running Time: 99 mins

Verdict: 3 / 5

‘Laggies’ is an inimitable romantic comedy about Megan (Keira Knightley), an aimless 28-year old that refuses to grow up in every single area of her life.


Megan has a degree in marital and family counselling, but she refuses to get a purposeful job. Instead, she spends her day making money by holding a “Tax Advice” sign on the road that directs people to her father’s tax counselling service. Things go south when Megan’s high school sweetheart unexpectedly proposes to her at her friends Allison’s wedding. She storms out surprised only to find her father cheating on her mother with another woman. In her state of confusion and disbelief, she leaves the wedding and stops at a grocery store. That’s when she meets 16-year-old Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her friends. The underage teenagers solicited her to buy alcohol for them and invited her to join their night out binge drinking and skateboarding. Megan and Annika immediately form a bond and one thing leads to the next when Megan starts to fall for Annika’s dad, Craig (Sam Rockwell).

Director, Lynn Shelton and writer Andrea Seigel created a film that is both phony and distinctive. For every displeasure in the film, there is a little oomph to cover it up.

The film takes place in a typical American middle-class suburb which makes it light hearted – what you see is what you get in rom-coms. The story is appealing however it’s unfortunate that the characters are one-dimensional and flat. Megan comes across as immature and reckless, making it difficult to believe that her boyfriend from high school would stick it out with her for so many years – especially since his career is sky-rocketing. To make things worse, Megan’s boyfriend is very close with his old high school clique and this puts a strain on their relationship.

The film deals with hard hitting topics like divorce, lost identity and family problems so I hoped that the characters would have had more depth. Despite the film having so many plot holes, it did have a playful quality to it that made it interesting to watch right until the end – which leaves you with a warm feel good feeling.

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