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Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marv Films
Running Time: 129 minutes

Verdict: 2 / 5

Before you take a drive to the cinema, you should be notified as to the genre of film you are to expect… Ask yourself: “Do I feel like some Johnny English meets Sean of the Dead meets Kill Bill meets Team America.”

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If you answered, “YES!” then you are encouraged to spend your cash on some very entertaining, juvenile and goofy frivolity. It is quite hilarious if you are in the right mood. If you like dark humour, English dry humour and purposefully silly one-dimensional character humour then you will have a ball.

Kingsman-The Secret Service (2nd Opinion) - 02

Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin (Taron Egerton) is a working-class chav; a backstreet juvenile delinquent who gets himself into trouble with the Old Bill. He calls upon an old family friend who owes his deceased father a favour. Who bails him out? Non other than the quintessential English professional Colin Firth, who plays Harry Hart. Codenamed “Galahad”, he is a minted knight of the Kingsman and seeing great potential in Eggsy he decides to send him to a secret bootcamp. As they, and their puppies, grow in skill the comical evil plots of Valentine and Gazelle (Samuel L. Jackson; Sofia Boutella) come into action.

Kingsman-The Secret Service (2nd Opinion) - 03

The oddities start with the grammatical error in the title, which should be KingsMEN; plural. Each step of the way the odd ridiculousness grows. If you do not follow the madness down the rabbit hole then you will not find the finale (literally) at all satisfactory. If you submit to what this film is and means, then you will relax into the excessive violence and dry one-liners. Warning to those who are easily offended though, one of the 14 minute gore-fests will make you sick with the collywobbles, either from the horrid ways of dying or the blasphemy.

Kingsman-The Secret Service (2nd Opinion) - 04

The fun of the premise is that it is crass and colloquial. So be sure to read up on your best English pejoratives and get ready for the absurdity. If you like gormless then this is just boss, otherwise save this damp squib for a stag night prefixed with inebriation.

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