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Verdict: 2 / 5

Kingdom Come presents viewers with a complex moral premise. The combination of religion and evil make a great setting for this dark, psychological horror. However, its very limiting budget and acting skills unfortunately mask the movie’s intriguing mystery.


The film is set in an abandoned mental hospital and challenges the ideas of faith and religion as well bringing to life the reality of emotional complexity. As the characters struggle with their own moral dilemmas, viewers are forced to question their own ideas of good and evil.

When a group of strangers inexplicably wake up in a deserted asylum with no recollection of how they got there or why they band together to try and find some answers. Sam (Ry Barrett) and Jessica (Camille Hollett-French) immediately take Ceclia (Ellie O’Brien) under their wing, making it their responsibility to keep her safe. Unfortunately, this proves more challenging than expected. While the group search for a way to escape, hostility begins to grow as they begin to suspect each other’s moral intentions and strange ties within the group come to light. As they are faced with each other’s bizarre disappearances it becomes clear they are not alone in this forsaken prison.

The overall concept of the story is very fascinating and undoubtedly carries the movie. It is, however, not enough to make up for some very problematic character flaws and performances. Instead of carrying the story’s very dark and mysterious feel into the character depiction, the portrayal of evil is instead very expected and uninteresting, resulting in some disappointing plot twists.


The overall visual mood of the movie again pulls the mystery of the script through quite successfully. Costume and makeup artistry of the evil are very impressive and quite creative, however, this skill is not seen in any of the other versions of “evil” in the movie.

A create concept for a movie, but it is not validated by its execution.

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