Age Restriction:
Studio: Dolphin Films, Bieber Time Films, Scooter Braun Films
Running Time: 88 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Justin Bieber’s sequel to Never Say Never, is surely the worst rated film on IMDB. Its meagre score of 1.5 would deter any viewer who was about to pay money to see it, unless, of course, you are a Belieber. For a badly rated film this was actually enjoyable to watch, much cheaper and less loud than paying money to see the show live not to mention tackling your way through a mass of delusional screaming girls.

Justin Bieber’s Believe is the follow up biopic follows the Canadian singer Justin Bieber on his Believe Tour, performed over the period of September 2012 to December 2013. It continues to focus on Bieber’s enormous fame and influence, exploring his life behind the scenes including his creative and recording process. This is set on the back drop of never-before-seen concert footage and intimate moments between himself and his fans. The film features interviews with his parents, producers and manager.

Honestly, if you know nothing of Justin Bieber except for the occasional press release from the media you would be blown away by the performance quality, the spectacle of the Believe Tour and the hype around this young performer. But if you are someone who has been following the gossip then you may see this as a rather weak attempt at repairing the artist’s damaged reputation.
Those who have a tendency to be cynical will find that this biopic is just 88 minutes of shameless Bieber punting, showing him off as an idol and icon to the teenage mass hysteria of his fan base. Crying girls, dying children and his eternal love for them all. It is pretty sickening or really tacky if you are of the opinion that this guy is a narcissist who is consumed by himself and arrogant beyond belief.

If you are still a “Belieber” then you will simply love the ‘in depth’ and emotional Justin that is portrayed in this documentary. There is no final conclusion to this other than: this is definitely a niche film for those who adore, or at least admire, Justin Bieber and the performer that he is. If you are curious it will not kill you. For those who love him, anything he does will make you faint and scream but if you hate him, then please save yourself the pain of watching the film.

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