Age Restriction:
Studio: Marvel Studios
Running Time: 71 mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

Two legendary Marvel heroes, Iron Man and Hulk, have to cast their differences aside and team up in order to stop Hydra’s latest creation, the electrified executioner known as Zzzax.

Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United

There is no easy way to say this, but Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United is horrible and totally misses the benchmark that their rivals DC have set with their quality of animation.

The story is simple. Whilst Hydra was up to their usual shenanigans they inadvertently created a being made entirely of Electric Energy, a being known as Zzzax. From the opening, you immediately notice that the animation is poor. One would think that Marvel would aim to trump DC by producing a CGI movie with graphics much like those employed in the Final Fantasy films. You could not be more wrong. Characters are so limited in colour and they are ridiculously blocky. With such a tiny cast of characters, one would expect that character designs and animations would be focused and given extra attention. To make things even worse the backgrounds in the shot look even blander than the cheap graphics used in the character designs! Funny enough there are not even civilians for Hulk and Iron Man to protect. The studios were too cheap to even create a few generic people to lurk in the background and give you the sense that our heroes are fighting to protect the people of the city.

Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United

Now imagine this animation being used in an attempt to execute exhilarating action sequences. It is very difficult to imagine indeed. The action scenes do not flow well and the animation feels static for the most part. The movie opens with a fight between the Hulk and Abomination but this fight is more anti-climactic than the last time these two clashed for a few minutes in the Hulk motion picture that starred Edward Norton. Abomination is indeed an abomination of poor textured graphics, flawed character design and terrible colouring. In all honesty, how could you expect great action sequences from a film that cannot even do facial animation properly? There are times where characters are talking but their lips are not in sync!

Adrian Pasdar and Fred Tatasciore are on board for the voice acting in this one, as they move from Avengers Assemble to star in this animated feature film. Most of the films dialogue revolves around the banter between the two lead characters. Yes, this film features an intelligent Hulk who can dish out one-liners almost as good as he does punches. For the most part, it is only the banter on offer as a means of entertainment. Now another sad part is the fact that the jokes are not that funny and feels somewhat forced at times. So even though it pulls in two prominent voice actors, they cannot even save this failure.

Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United

Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United is simply not entertaining. In fact, it as bland as a Chicken King Burger. It offers a straightforward story and the only twist on offer makes no sense at all! I would not even recommend it to younger kids as it could not even keep my toddler entertained for more than five minutes! I also fell asleep on two separate occasions whilst trying to complete viewing this film for the first time. The only redeeming factor on offer is the display of comic covers in the opening credits!

Overall, this film comes across as a marketing ploy that uses the Avengers name and presence in order to get a cheap buck out of parents who are forced to buy this feature when their kid sees an Iron Man and Hulk Bluray/DVD on a store shelf. This Bluray/DVD will be hitting bargain bins near you. But let me warn you, you are better off taking that R30-R50 and buying yourself a takeaway with it. To make the nightmare worse, there is a post-credits scene that suggests a sequel is in the making!

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