Age Restriction:
Studio: El Deseo S.A.
Running Time: 90mins

Verdict: 3 / 5

If you were to look at prolific Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s page on Wikipedia (as I know that’s where you all go, even for your term papers, don’t lie) you would see each film he’s done for the last 20 years with a huge, gargantuan stack of awards and nominations listed against them. And then, right at the bottom, is I’m So Excited; just chilling on its lonesome, doing its thing. It’s good to be able to unwind sometimes with something lighter, and if there’s anything that can be used to describe this film, its unwound.

A Spanish language film with subtitles, the plot concerns a flight from Spain to Mexico that has some trauma in the air, and becomes unable to land, endlessly circling for hours upon hours. This gives the vast assortment of eccentric characters aboard the plane a chance to interact with one another, in an over the top, screwball fashion, often taken to a great comedic extreme. Amongst these characters are the gay and bisexual male flight attendants; the uncaring and detached pilots, who reminisce about past glories while their plane stumbles around them; a newly-wed couple, a banker, a mystery man, and a famous dominatrix (of course). Raunchy seems to be another good word to describe this film. All of these characters are in business class and above, as the people in economy class have been knocked unconscious to preserve air for the others. Despite the wacky overtones, there is definitely some political commentary going on here. And what makes it so pleasing is that the film is still fun whether you get that, or not.

This film reminds me of a Spanish John Waters film. Yes, it is very over the top, but it is often so crazy that it circles back to being good; taking refuge in audacity. It may be too much for a lot of viewers, and I totally understand that; but for what it is, a very clever character based comedy; was very fun.

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