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Age Restriction:
Studio: Hopscotch Features, Lakeshore Entertainment, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Running Time: 92 mins

Verdict: 1.5 / 5

Dr Frankenstein’s monster is drawn into an ancient battle between Demons and Gargoyles. Being the only man not created by God, Adam (Aaron Echkart) is the ultimate weapon in the war between Heaven and Hell. Seeing as I, Frankenstein made the cover of Muscle and Fitness, one would think it was in the league of one of the top action movies, especially since the star has dedicated so many hours into building the framework of a monster. Sadly, I, Frankenstein is as flat as Aaron Eckhart’s stomach.

The monster kills his creator’s wife, a life for a life. Filled with confusion Frankenstein’s monster walks off to find his meaning to life. Whilst burying a body in the graveyard Frankenstein’s monster meets a new threat… demons. It would seem that the demons have a particular interest in the life which God had not created. Saved by Gargoyles, their Queen gives the monster a name, “Adam”. The truth is explained to our protagonist as he makes the decision to be the hunter and no longer be the hunted. Adam decides that he will descend every demon that dare pursue him. Fast forward two hundred years and he is still descending demons and living in the shadows. Hidden amongst humanity, Adam still seeks to find the meaning to his life, a life of loneliness a life of endless confusion.

Like Adam, the viewer will also be confused… confused as to why Aaron Eckhart would choose to accept a role in such a stale movie. Stuart Beattie has given us one rather underwhelming movie, filled with poor CGI, horrible demon masks, a bland plot and no character development. You will be amazed at how fake the Gargoyles look. Sure there are some good transformations, but in large the costumes are rather average and the CGI is well below par. It boasts some decent action scenes which had Eckhart learning Khali fighting. But here in lies another problem; the demons do not leave corpses when they descend, meaning they go up in flames and this too is rather underwhelming. For fights with Frankenstein’s monster, the scenes are not bloody at all. As Adam smashes demon upon demon, with his Holy batons, the viewer is treated to a fireworks display.

I, Frankenstein has no real draw card, there is nothing special about this movie, nor is there anything memorable. This is far from being a visual spectacle. If you like Underworld, Resident Evil and half-hearted action flicks of that nature then you will probably enjoy this film. But if you value your hard earned cash it is best you wait for it on television.

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