Age Restriction:
Studio: Relativity Media, FilmNation Entertainment, A Bigger Boat
Running Time: 101 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Remarkably so for a film of its quality and branding, House at the End of the Street stars not only an Oscar Nominated actress, but also a newly crowned Oscar-winning actress. This arose more by chance than by anything else; and Jennifer Lawrence’s rise to stardom could hardly have been predicted at the time this was filmed. Nevertheless, there is something wonderful about seeing actors in roles before they hit the big time; and to have such a ripe opportunity at our hands surely means we can’t pass this one by.

houseattheendofthestreet review

It’s a plot told a million times: a single mother, Sarah (Shue) and her daughter Elissa (Lawrence) move to a small town of their dreams. Elissa finds herself drawn towards a handsome young man. Romance would certainly bloom, were it not for the rumours and dark whisperings of things behind the scenes of the town, and stories of the brutal murders committed several years prior.

A description of the plot does nothing to make it sound special in any way, and the fact is, it really isn’t, and is for the most part as formulaic as such things come. This would be the end of it, except for two things: firstly, Jennifer Lawrence is a legitimately talented actress, and does more with the script than many others could have. And secondly, the plot contains a twist that is certainly unusual, and is carried off reasonably well.


The best thing I could say about this film is that certainly there are many worse choices if you are looking for something to view with friends, and you may enjoy a single rent out of it on a Halloween sleepover evening.

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