Age Restriction:
Studio: UV Pictures
Running Time: 81 mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

Also known as Playing House

Newly married couple Jen (Sarah Prikryl) and Mitch (Craig Welzbacher) have acquired their dream home but in order to afford it they decide to let Mitch’s best friend Danny move in with them. Soon Danny meets Blair (Mayra Leal) who moves in with Danny and his friends. Blair immediately shows a twisted interest in Mitch and her sexuality and free-spirited nature attracts Mitch’s attention as well. Blair eventually drives wedges between Mitch, Jen and Danny. Murder is soon to follow as Blair becomes the source of Mitch’s fatal attraction.

playing house homewrecker review

Homewrecker’ a.k.a. ‘Playing House’ is a low-budget, cliché riddled psychological thriller. It attempts to walk in the footsteps of more famous thrillers like ‘Fatal Attraction’, ‘Single White Female’ and ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle’. This film tries to use all the themes in those films i.e. sex, murder and manipulation but combines that with cheap lighting, bad acting and poor storytelling. The characters are dumped into ill-conceived scenes that seem to fall from the sky. Scenes seem forced or haphazardly attached to another in order for them to fit into the mould of a psychological thriller. Entire sequences are dull and lifeless with no imagination or skill in the execution of a scene. The only fatal attraction is your attraction to this film, beware.

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