Age Restriction:
Studio: Columbia Pictures, Hey Eddie, Broken Road Productions
Running Time: 105 mins

Verdict: 2.5 / 5

You have to be pretty hard-headed to go into a Happy Madison production film and expect anything less than complete silliness. As the title suggests, Here Comes the Boom is undeniably cheesy and requires that you leave the mathematical parts of your brain at home. Once you get over all the high expectations you’ll find that the film becomes surprisingly enjoyable. The idea of casting Kevin James in a mixed-martial arts movie that takes its cues from Rocky and School of Rock sounds ridiculous on paper, but somehow and in some bizarre way unfathomable to the human mind, it all comes together pretty decently.


Kevin James is a very likable guy. Although he mostly plays sidekick to Adam Sandler, he always manages to squeeze in a number of good laughs in his films. With Here Comes the Boom, he takes off the training wheels and decides to ride solo, co-writing and producing too. While it might not win any awards for best comedy, it sits well within his resume. It’s possibly one of the few real family friendly movies out there at the moment, and that alone is something worth celebrating.

here comes the boom

It’s pretty much a paint-by-numbers story about a devoted teacher who takes it upon himself to help out when the school’s musical program gets cut. If you’re thinking Warrior then you probably get the gist of what to expect here. Of course, the Happy Madison regulars are there to give support too, with Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler and Gary Valentine filling up the cast list.

There are no rewards for predicting the completely ridiculous outcome, but at least Here Comes the Boom, which drips in cheese, offers plenty in the laughs department. It’s a feel good movie for crying out loud. It doesn’t need to do anything more than make you feel good. And that it does.

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