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Verdict: 3 / 5

In the same vein as the dark comedy Hot Fuzz, Some Guy Who Kills People is a tongue-in-cheek horror with many layers. It mixes the slasher horror and seriocomedy genres well to create comedy, mystery and suspense.


The title is self-explanatory. The story follows an odd middle-aged man, Ken (Kevin Corrigan), fresh out of the “nervous hospital”, who works in an ice-cream parlor by day and seeks vengeance on his high school bullies by night. A talented artist, he draws comic books about a superhero wreaking vengeance on those who evade justice. At the same time, investigating the crimes is the town’s off-beat and goofy Sheriff (Barry Bostwick), who is also dating his mom. Ken’s life and plans are thrown off course when his eleven-year-old daughter, Amy (Ariel Gade), comes to visit. She opens up a new world for him, helping him overcome some of his introvertism.

Sherriff (while eating popcorn): This one has no head Ernie.
Ernie: I know, sir.
Sherriff: Most bodies have heads.
Ernie: Absolutely.
Sherriff: Where’s this one’s head?
Ernie: Not sure yet, sir.

some guy who kills people movie review

Some Guy Who Kills People pleasantly surprises audiences with its charm. Below the dark humour, the gory violence and the mysterious killings lies a seriously heartfelt father-daughter relationship drama – although it’s the strange kind we’ve seen in Kick-Ass before. Newcomer Ariel Gade, is remarkable and a breath of fresh air. She shows equally good acting abilities in comparison to Chloë Moret.

There are some genuinely funny laugh-out-loud moments throughout the film, thanks mostly to Barry Bostwick’s clueless Sheriff. This film brings an ‘art-house’ sensibility to the serial killer oeuvre. It’s easy to spot John Landis’ involvement with the project.

It might not be for everyone, but those who do enjoy indie horror clicks, with a little weird on the side, will find Some Guy Who Kills People hugely entertaining.

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