Age Restriction:
Studio: ATG Productions, Broken Lizard Industries, Matthew Pritzker Films
Running Time: 77mins

Verdict: .5 / 5

There are many great crimes in the world, but the one in focus today is that of the careers of Broken Lizard. Said group is a collection of comedy writers and actors who have their very own troupe, and produce their own movies, starring themselves, usually with self-raised funds. Best known for Super Troopers and Beerfest, those two films occasionally reached the level of possibly being funny at some stage; and this movie, like everything else they’ve done, never even gets that close to genuine humor. The tragedy here is that for every struggling actor with genuine talent, these guys still have a career.


Freeloaders features a cast of loser slackers who are from a wide spectrum of races and social classes, who have nevertheless been brought together to collective mooch off of Counting Crows lead singer Adam Durwitz. This group of friends lives in his mansion when he’s on tour, and console themselves about the fact that they have utterly failed their lives by at least never needing to pay for anything themselves. In a true comedic twist, they have labeled their stolen home as Expletive-town, with of course the expletive filled in. Look guys, dirty words stopped being funny in grade 4, the rest of us have moved on. As for the actual characters themselves, I couldn’t care at all. They are all mean-spirited, hate filled creatures that exemplify the worst in mankind, and I wish whatever tragedy befalls them in this movie to come down even harder. The main plot features the team being forced to leave as the mansion is sold, but in order to save it, they plan an internet scam. Truly impressive levels of evil are featured here.

freeloaders movie review

Broken Lizard remind me of that guy in primary school that lit his own farts, and still thinks that 20 years later this entitles him to believe that he’s the coolest, funniest kid in town. These guys desperately want the success of American Pie and Van Wilder, but have no idea how to balance any of their ideas so that it keeps the movie both funny and the characters likeable. And they downright never seem to learn from movie to movie. This review made me want to desperately put quotation marks around the words “Comedy” “Directed” and “Starring” because to use those terms unironically for this film is simply insulting to any real comedic film out there.

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