Age Restriction:
Studio: New Artists Alliance
Running Time: 85 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Putting itself in the very small genre pool of “movies where we go inside people’s minds;” which includes Eternal Sunshine, Inception, and Being John Malkovich, Extracted is an interesting flawed gem with a good premise that is only let down by a few minor niggles.

extracted movie review

Thomas Jacobs (Roiz) a brilliant engineer, developes a machine that lets you explore the mind of another person. A firm humanitarian, Jacobs believes the machine will aid in therapy amongst trauma victims. However, the military only takes an interest for its more practical benefits, and offers funding if only Jacobs will take a trial run into the mind of a serial killer to discover his secrets that he won’t share. However, something goes wrong and Jacobs is trapped in the mind of the killer, and the two must work together to find a way to help him escape.
Any scenes within a mind are naturally going to be a bit trippy, but here we have trippy mixed with mundane. After all, the mind is off a junkie serial killer, not an alien war lord, and what we see is what you would expect to find. What Extracted suffers from most is focusing on the wrong plot points, and as such, the ones that would deliver the biggest impact are casually tossed to the audience without spectacle, and the ones that are agonized over are boring.

film extracted movie review

With a weak final act, the rest of Extracted stands as a very promising entry in what I hope will become a good career for the director, for if he manages to refine what he has started here, we might see some more very interesting work from him in the future.

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