Age Restriction:
Studio: Tall Tales Entertainment, Nantucket Productions, Hollywood Media Bridge
Running Time: 146 min

Verdict: .5 / 5

While on an excursion to a mental institution, psychology major, Abby Jones (Christine Evangelista) has a terrifying encounter with deranged psychopath, Harmon Porter (Purcell). Later Porter manages to escape and leaves a bloody trail that leads to the one and only Abby.

Dominic Purcell escapee movie review

How bad can a film be? ‘Escapee’ comes pretty close to being as bad as it gets. Where does one begin? The script is atrocious despite the story being based on true events. It’s filled with bad dialogue, bad contextualization and lacks energy or vitality. To make matters worse the acting and cinematography are equally bad. As a maniacal killer, Purcell’s character is comical; he barely says a word throughout the film and kills everything in sight, wholesale. Why he kills at all is never explored, we only know that he’s after Abby because she looks like an ex-girlfriend. Maybe it was the inane dialogue between Abby and her roommates that drove Porter over the edge? Purcell has presence despite being given such a poorly written character but some of the other performances leave a bitter taste in your mouth, most notably Abby’s two roommates. The film wastes a gargantuan amount of screen time on silly conversation and dull action scenes that build up to the most anti-climactic ending in ‘psychological-thriller’ history. Words cannot convey how bad this film is so let me not kick this carcass anymore than need be.

escapee thriller movie review

‘Escapee’ will not be remembered in the annals of history and poor Dominic Purcell must have been pained when watching the final cut of this film. Watch it for a laugh or get it for that uncle or grandfather that loves Friday night movies on E-t.v.

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