Age Restriction:
Studio: Die Karoo Film Company
Running Time: 1h 50Min

Verdict: 2 / 5

Famous crime and thriller writer Deon Meyer tries his hand at the big screen, but unfortunately misses a few steps and fumbles like a dancer with two left feet with Die Laste Tango.

A serial killer, Basson (Stian Bam), who has a trademark of cutting his victim’s throats, usually teenage girls, is caught by Captain Herkules De Wet (Louw Venter) who brutally attacks him after seeing yet another girl murdered. De Wet’s collages, Sergeant Malan (Heino Schmitt) and Beyers (Loukmaan Adams), take their time to stop him from beating the man to death. His superior advices him to leave town and to lay low in Loxton until they can figure out how to avoid a massive law suit on account of police brutality, in which the court could easily rule in favour of the killer and he would walk free.

Meanwhile, Basson lies unconscious in the hospital under supervision of Dr. Brink (Stephanie Badenhorst), who is asked to keep him sedated a while longer. But when Basson finally wakes up he threatens to kill her and calls his sleazy lawyer Kevin King (Rob van Vuuren) to blackmail her into giving false testimony.

Throughout arise many unnecessary sub-plots, stealing impact away from a formulated story that had potential to be well executed. A lot of the flaws lie in the directing, with many continuity errors throughout the film. In terms of the story as a whole, the audience is never convinced. Even with a star cast, the performances mostly feel passive. There is also a lack of attention to detail and the special effects make-up was poorly done. Not enough emphasis was placed on the very emotional scenes; like when De Wet has a breakdown, or Ella confesses she doesn’t have many days left, or even when Mauritz speaks about his daughters rape. Even the action scenes are rushed.

It’s a pity because it has potential. If they used a more experienced director it would surely have looked completely different. But this was Meyer’s first attempt and there is no doubt that he has learnt a lot. We trust that the next film will be an improvement.

The DVD does come with English subtitles.

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