Age Restriction:
Studio: Marvel Enterprises, TSG Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Running Time: 1h 48min

Verdict: 4 / 5

Brash, rude, violent and crude… Deadpool has finally made his cinematic debut!


Crime’s the disease, meet the cure. Okay, not the cure, but more like a topical ointment to reduce the swelling and itch. Hi, Tom! – Deadpool

Deadpool lives up to its hype. It is the perfect transition from the comic to cinema. Everything you can expect from the comics is hyperbolised in this film. It is over the top awesomeness with some of the greatest action sequences displayed in the comic film universe. For instance, Deadpool could just chop off a limb but instead he decides to do a series of acrobatic flips and then chop that very limb off.

The story is far from being the strongest in the Marvel Universe. It is not near the level of Captain America: Winter Soldier, but it is the character that we are here to watch and he makes the movie memorable.


From the studio that inexplicably sewed his f**king mouth shut the first time, comes… me! – Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson. This is a role he was born to play (much like Hugh Jackman is Wolverine). Reynolds has the same quick mouth that the Merc is known for and his sense of humour is just so well suited to the character. It is not hard to believe that he improvised a large part of the humour in the dialogue. Much like Deadpool, Reynolds does not shut up even for a second. He is constantly talking to the other characters or to the viewer. In true Deadpool fashion, he breaks the fourth wall and engages with the audience. In fact, most of the film is a broken fourth wall in which he recaps his origin story in order to clue the viewer up on his current mission.

Other X-men cameos are rather limited. We only get a full CGI Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand).

Colossus was a great addition to the movie as he spends most of it trying to convince Wade to join the X-men. He use his powers for good and Deadpool is not having any of it. This creates some great dialogue that displays just how these characters are perfect foils of each other. Wade makes the lack of characters well known as there are plenty of name drops (however, their appearances are limited to punchlines and props).

The villains are not memorable at all, Ajax (Ed Skrein) and Angel Dust (Gina Carrano) prove that they are villainous through their actions but they prove to be rather one dimensional and are only made memorable thanks to Wade Wilson’s big mouth. Morena Baccarin really seemed to have had fun with her character Vanessa. She really got into her role with some raunchy scenes and overtly sexualised jokes. She did a great job of becoming the woman that Deadpool loves and their love for each other sets up a great and believable relationship. It also shows the viewer that she is the only woman Deadpool could ever love so his reason for being and his reason for vengeance is validated.


Just promise me you’ll do right by me, so I can do right by someone else. And don’t make the suit green. Or animated! – Wade Wilson

This film exists for one reason, to entertain, and it does a great job at that. You will have a laugh a minute even whilst witnessing some of the most violent action sequences caught on camera. There are also so many pop culture and film references. Reynolds even pokes fun at his previous roles in superhero films, especially Green Lantern. You will have to listen close in order to capture all the jokes that this film has on offer as the one-liners just bounce off of each character with ease.

Deadpool mentions that he is a franchise, but this is the type of film I can enjoy as a once off. It would be great to see Deadpool cross over to the X-men Franchise and do some cool team-ups, but a second solo run might not achieve the amount of success that this film will.

All in all, this is a great movie. It is not a date movie. Unless your lady is into juvenile, sexual, foul-mouthed lead characters. Do not be fooled by the great marketing.

The final result is one impressive and memorable film that pushes the boundaries for superhero films. Deadpool makes being bad look so darn good! It is the Deadpool film we all wanted. This is a film about the character, his craziness and his first world problems. Fox has done a great job of bringing one of the most over the top comics to life and honestly that kid’s PG 13 petition stood no chance. There is not a single minute that is not R-Rated, not even the credits.

Watch out for the awesome Stan Lee cameo. This is definitely his most memorable one to date.

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