Age Restriction:
Studio: Dude Productions, Laurence Mark Productions
Running Time: 91 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Date and Switch employs the recycled formula used to create most American teenage sex comedies: The journey to losing one’s virginity before prom night.


Micheal (Nicholas Braun) and Matty (Hunter Cope) are off to senior prom and have been best friends since the 3rd grade. They set off on a quest and have high hopes to get laid before prom. But wait there’s a twist…

This light-hearted romantic comedy is about a teenager that has to deal with his unconventional sexuality. Micheal and Matty’s friendship is tested when Matty comes out of the closet just before prom. Director, Chris Nelson clearly took an old plot and tried to add a spin to it. Michael is not horror-struck by his friend’s confession, but he certainly is flabbergasted. The joint mission is tricky now that Micheal knows Matty’s sexual preference. The boys make a batch of pot brownie cakes and vow to eat them only after they have both popped their cherries as a reward.

The film steps over the line regarding teenage sex comedy convention such as American Pie. It has a sense of depth in that it explores the issues of teenagers comes to terms with the pressures of sexuality. The film is filled with stereotypical characters and scenarios that during this day and age either ignite boo’s or high fives depending on which side if the fence you are on.

The narrative has many emotional highs and lows making it interesting to watch. However, the story is filled with clichés and awkward expected twists and turns. Unfortunately, the film lacks vigour and not able to save itself in the end. There is no real warmth in the film, ‘Date and Switch’ fails to prove the sincerity of the characters and, therefore, lacks progression and development. The cinematic style of the film is probably the only element that deserves a hi-five. The cinematic style provided perspective into what the characters were feeling.

Nelson’s approach to comedy is also very linear. The one liners and vulgar comebacks make room for mixed feelings. Unfortunately, this teen comedy is boring and seemed incomplete with no real satisfaction at the end.

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