Age Restriction:
Studio: Allison Shearmur Productions, Beagle Pug Films, Genre Films
Running Time: 105 mins

Verdict: 4.5 / 5

Have courage, and be kind. The new Disney Cinderella film will make you want to be a better person…


True to the original tale, this film depicts the story of a girl named Ella, who unfortunately lost both parents. The loss left her in the hands of her evil stepmother and two dimwitted step-sisters. But, despite all her hardships she had the chance to meet her prince charming, literally.

Lily James, who played the iconic Cinderella, truly embodies the spirit of the well-loved princess. Her natural beauty and relatable presence turned a classic story into a great real-life depiction.

The start of the film gave a more in-depth portrayal of the happy life Cinderella had as a child. It shed more light on her relationship with her mother, who gave her the iconic advice; “have courage and be kind”. This made the film even more touching as you witnessed the loss of her parents and her perfect life.


Appearances by Helen Bohem Carter and Rob Brydan (who played the prince’s portrait painter) enriched the film with hilarious British humour that made the film more enjoyable. A fresh comedic twist came in the wave of a wand in Helen Bohem Carter’s quirky portrayal of the fairy godmother. Seeing her with blonde hair and in a poofy white dress is something not to be missed.

Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett brought character and a surprising heartfelt past to the wicked step-mother. Her diabolical laugh was a masterpiece in bringing tears to both Cinderella and my eyes.


The costume and set-design truly captured the magic. The bright colours, and embellished dresses brought the fairytale to life. The famous bibity bobbity boo scene was a perfect mix of digital effects and child-like imagination. Along with the pumpkin and mice, lizards were also a victim of this fairy godmother’s magic.

A great movie for all ages; with captivating visuals and a screenplay bound to make you laugh. This remake truly does justice to the original fairytale.

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