Age Restriction:
Studio: Envision Media Arts, RGB Productions
Running Time: 94 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

‘Chained’ stars Vincent D’Onofrio as Bob, a psychotic taxi driver who preys on females. Bob crosses paths with Sarah (Julia Ormond) and her son Tim when the mother and child are picked up in his cab after a matinee show at the cinema. Bob disposes of Sarah but decides to keep ten year old Tim as a protégée. Tim is chained and imprisoned, renamed Rabbit and is forced to set eyes on Bob’s victims. Rabbit has to clean the bloody mess that each murder causes. As years go by Bob teaches Rabbit anatomy and human behaviour, eventually Bob brings home a victim for Rabbit to kill. Will Tim become a killer after his indoctrination and tutelage by Bob?

Jennifer Lynch, daughter of the legendary David Lynch should have passed on making this weak thriller. The story is poor and the characters are cheaply concocted. Bob’s backstory is undeveloped. He seems to fall from the sky as a character, his motivation for killing too flimsy to be believed. The relationship between Rabbit and Bob has interesting moments, but Tim like Bob never comes to life as a character so when put together both fail to create any traction. The plot is bare and over simplistic and then to top things off the film ends with the most contrived twist you can imagine.

‘Chained’ is a hapless and never comes to life; stay away from it if you expect a gripping psychological thriller.

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