Age Restriction:
Studio: Dark Castle Entertainment, IM Global, After Dark Films
Running Time: 92 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Sylvester Stallone is not a stupid man, as many have accused him of being. He has shown remarkable staying power, but has also managed to create several absolutely iconic and multi-faceted films, as well as showing a distinct sense of self-parody and fun with his Expendables series. Not bad for a 67 year old still running as an action leading man. Why then would Bullet to the Head be a good idea? An altogether average action-explosions-bullets-flying movie in which the concept advanced in the title is really the only thing ever present, this is nothing more than a quick exercise in silliness, which I can assume Stallone has only done because he was bored for a few months.

Hitman Jimmy Bobo (Stallone) is involved in the assassination of a dirty cop. This is investigated by Detective Taylor Kwon, and at the same time, both Bobo and Kwan attract the ire of a shadowy crime lord, and must eventually work together to take him down. This isn’t especially original, as I’m sure you realize.

The action that takes place is honed, functional, exciting, but not dymanic or inventive or advanced in any way. Stallone has honed his skills to an art, but he can’t push out the same kind of movie he made in the ‘80s without doing something more on top of it. It’s like having someone ask for a laptop and receiving a typewriter. It may cover the same action needed, it may be functional at its job, and it may deliver a product, but ultimately having the tools of the modern age do give you a benefit that cannot be ignored.

I don’t think this is intended to be any more of a movie than what it presents to us. It’s okay; it’s fine. I wouldn’t spend money on it personally, which should be an aim when making movies, but much like all movies describing actions in their titles, there is rarely any trickery afoot in terms of delivering that to us.

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