Age Restriction:
Studio: Indian Paintbrush, Super Crispy Entertainment
Running Time: 98 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Breathe In explores themes of passion, chaos and serenity within your typical American Family. It has all the elements to generate a good indie drama, but just doesn’t hit the mark to be extraordinary.


Music teacher, Keith Reynolds (Guy Pearce), his wife Megan (Amy Ryan) and their blossoming teenage daughter Lauren (Mackenzie Davis) decide to home Sophie (Felicity Jones), an exchange student from London. Keith is dubbed as a dissatisfied music teacher that is still holding onto his glory days of being a youthful musician in the big city. It’s obvious that he is going through a midlife crisis, as he searches for hope through his music. Sophie comes across as a kind-hearted beautiful soul that is substantially attractive. The family welcome her warmly into their home, but sparks start to fly when Keith finds out that Sophie is a consummate classical pianist. The two begin to indulge in their common passion for music and this sets the stage for a passionate affair. The film stirs up a lot of emotions since the chemistry between Keith and Sophie is out of bounds.

The production design and colour scheme played a big role in driving the story. The moody rainy weather and dark colour scheme is a good contrast to the warm sunny scenes at the lake where Keith and Sophie daydream together.

This melodramatic love story was well thought-out but, unfortunately, the characters never rise to the occasion and the build-up of passion never quite gets to a pinnacle.

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