Age Restriction:
Studio: Chemin Entertainment
Running Time: 97 mins

Verdict: 4 / 5

From the mind of Jewish stoner legend, Seth Rogen, comes a comedy about family verses fraternity. Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne), new to parenthood, put all their money into a house in the suburbs. Shortly after moving in, a fraternity house buys the home next door.

Bad Neighbours review

It inevitably turns into a major rivalry and ultimately a battle of growing up – for Mac and Kelly who need to turn into responsible parents and give up their old partying ways, and for the frat boys to plan for their future after college. The storyline seems predictable, and is in most aspects, but the hilarity comes through not only the antics that ensue but the hipster-like ironic references which this movie is drenched in.

One of the best things about this movie is the amount of cameos which appear in random moments and flashbacks, almost like the characters were written for them after watching too much TV. Featuring cameos from Saturday Night Live’s The Lonely Island, New Girls’ Jake Johnson, and the Workaholics guys.

Bad Neighbours review

This is a rivalry movie with the feel of a college movie, there’s a lot of vulgar humour but they don’t shy away from the simple laughs like watching a dance battle between Seth and Zac, and seeing the two compare each other’s body images.

Bad Neighbours truly portrays the fears of new parents and feelings of “getting old”, in great comedic fashion. The movie also makes both life situations, the college kids and the married couple, very relatable. No side is particularly seen as the “bad guys”, you get to see the vulnerable side of both groups.

Bad Neighbours review

The soundtrack is great and fits the feel of the movie perfectly, mostly consisting of old school feel good hip hop, going for the more timeless tracks instead of what’s current right now.

Seth Rogen never disappoints in delivering sarcastic comedy, and Rose Byrne gave comedy a fresh appeal with her witty Australian comedy and definitely kept up Rogen’s antics. Credit must be given to Stella (Mac and Kelly’s baby) who is possibly the cutest baby in a movie since Carlos in Hangover.

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