Age Restriction:
Studio: 3, 4 Women Productions
Running Time: 105 mins

Verdict: 2 / 5

Everyone loves a story about struggling against the odds, and having the underdogs triumph while not only winning something, but learning more about themselves. This has been transposed into American football, baseball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, and countless others. As the apparent pool of resources dried up, this film has decided to focus on something people have clearly always wanted to see: a pub trivia tournament.

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As the DVD cover proudly says: “How can one guy win the trivia tournament, get the girl, finish his dissertation AND figure out his life?” Despite my hope that this meant that the film would focus on the fact that he was one guy, and then follow that he should clone himself using dangerous experimental technology, this was not to be. The guy, Paul, played by Christopher Gorham, encounters the free-spirited Naomi, played by Arielle Kebble, while on the verge of completing his thesis, played by stack of paper. Soon, problems emerge and Paul needs money, so he joins and soon finds himself caught up in the city-wide trivia tournament. Along the way Naomi teaches him about what’s truly important in life, and he soon starts questioning his life decisions. Free-spirited girls always do this.

answer this film review

Frankly however… there isn’t much drama, at the end of the day. Nothing really would change in the world depending on whoever wins the trivia contest. Trivia is by definition a collection of otherwise worthless information. It isn’t very funny either. There are a few nice conversations in the film, but otherwise it conveys a definite air of “Who gives a damn?” Despite how persuasive the exclamation mark tries to be in the title.

I’ve heard this film represented the town in which it was set, Ann Arbor, Michigan, wonderfully, and serves as homage to the town as a whole. This is hopefully nice for people from there, but seeing as I wouldn’t be able to place Michigan specifically on the map with absolute confidence, it seems less likely to affect the rest of us viewers.

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