Genre: ,
Age Restriction:
Studio: Voltage Pictures in association with Aro Entertainment
Running Time: 88mins

Verdict: 1 / 5

When the credits roll on this awful movie you will feel like you have been watching a very long-winded episode of a low-low budget C class (just invented) series. Considering that this was shot within the span of 15 days you can understand why it is not a great film. Even though they took a further 2 days to shoot the ‘car chase’ they should have spent the time working on the script.

After FBI Agent John Nelson (Cuba Gooding Jr.) discovers that his murdered informant Dennis Archer, of the Gold Coast in Australia, is actually Miles Scott, of New York, he makes his way to inform his widow of his death. On questioning his widow, Rebecca Miles (Emmanuelle Vaugier), he discovers that Miles has been assumed dead over two years and the secrets of his double life begin to be exposed. Rebecca, being a magazine reporter, is determined to find out the truth about her husband’s death and life in Australia. She sets off to the Gold Coast to be part of the investigation endangering herself and annoying the local police force.

The screenplay is confusing; there are numerous opportunities to catch the bad guys with basic evidence being ignored and leads unfollowed. Gooding Jr’s character seemed to be a pretty lousy FBI inspector and the acting skills of Vaugier are pretty mediocre. Character development, pace and storyline could have been dramatically improved in the script writing stages and with that missed opportunity some problematic directing didn’t help the films presentation.

It really felt like you were watching a cheap episode of an action series that was churned out to meet a heavy deadline and that was written and produced in the 90’s, even down to the really bad titles and economy aerial shots. The SFX was really not good at all and just made dramatic scenes laughable.

This film will have you begging it to end, or at least have ad breaks, and even with the seasoned abilities of Cuba Gooding Jr. it proves that adding an Academy Award winning actor does not make a movie great.

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